Advisoral board

Submitted by flanzy on Tue, 04/16/2019 - 08:39

This board is made up of specialists linked to various sectors of the study.
It is an adaptable organization which can provide for the investigators of the study, competent scientific resources in specific subjects, notably when new specific objectives must be defined.


Comittee members

  • Pr Nicolas DANCHIN (cardiology)
    Head of the Cardiology Department
    European Hospital Georges Pompidou, Paris

  • Pr Daniel THOMAS (cardiology)
    Medical Cardiology Department
    Institute of Cardiology, Pitié- Salpêtrière Hospital, Paris
    Honorary President of the French Federation of Cardiology (FFC)

  • Pr Eric BRUCKERT (endocrinology, metabolic diseases)
    In charge of the unity of metabolic exploration for the cardiovascular diseases prevention, endocrinology metabolism unit
    Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, Paris
    Former President of the New French Society of Atherosclerosis (NFSA)

  • Pr Jacques BLACHER (hypertension)
    Professor in the Paris 5 University
    Hôtel-Dieu, Paris

  • Guy LAUNOY (cancer research)
    ERI 3 INSERM, EA 3936 UCBN « Cancers and Populations”
    UF “Estimation and Research in Epidemiology”
    CHU Caen

  • Teresa NORAT (cancer research)
    Department of Epidemiology, Primary Care & Public Health
    Imperial College London, UK

  • Paule MARTEL (cancer research)
    Research Director INRA
    Coordinator of the NACRe Network (Nutrition Alimentation Cancer Research)

  • Dr Marie ZINS (epidemiology)
    Epidemiologist doctor
    U687 INSERM, Villejuif

  • Pr Arnaud BASDEVANT (nutrition)
    Professor in Paris 6 University
    Chief of the Nutrition Department
    Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, Paris

  • Pr Martine LAVILLE (nutrition)
    Professor of Nutrition, Lyon
    Director of the Human Nutrition Research Center Rhône-Alpes, Lyon

  • Professeur Xavier HEBUTERNE (nutrition)
    Professor of Nutrition, Nice Faculty
    President of the French-speaking Society Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (SFNEP)

  • Pr Chantal SIMON (nutrition)
    Professor of Nutrition, Lyon
  • Dr Mariette GERBER (nutrition)
    President of the French Society of Nutrition
  • Pr Ambroise MARTIN (nutrition)
    Professor of Nutrition, Lyon
  • Pr Adam DREWNOWSKI (nutrition)
    UW Center for Obesity Research
    University of Washington, Seattle, USA

  • Pr Jean-François TOUSSAINT(sport)
    Professor of Physiology, Paris Descartes Universiy, Hôtel-Dieu
    Director of the IRMES (Institute of Biomedical Research and Sport Epidemiology)

  • Pr Patrice FARDELONNE (rheumatology)
    Chief of the Rheumatology Department
    CHU d’Amiens

  • Pr Marie-Christophe BOISSIER (rheumatology)
    Chief of the Rheumatology Department
    Avicenne Hospital, Bobigny

  • Mark LATHROP (genetics)
    Scientific Director
    Centre National de Génotypie, Evry

  • Pr Karine CLEMENT (genetics)
    Director INSERM Nutriomique U872 (Eq 7)
    University Pierre et Marie Curie-Paris 6

  • Pr Jean-Louis GUEANT (biology)
    Director U 724 INSERM
    Laboratory of cellular and molecular pathology in nutrition

  • Pr Alain FAVIER (biology)
    Biochemistry Laboratory
    Michalon Hospital

  • Pierre COMBRIS (economics)
    Research Director INRA

  • Louis-Georges SOLER (economics)
    Research Director INRA
    Director ALISS Unity

  • Claude FISCHLER (sociology)
    Research Director CNRS
    EHESS, Paris

  • Docteur Patrick HESCOT (oral health)
    President UFSBD, expert OMS
  • Pr. Yves-Jean BIGNON (cancer research)
    Scientific Director, Jean Perrin Center

  • Isabelle PARMENTIER (dietetician)
    President of the French Association of Dieteticians-Nutritionists (AFDN)