Launching of the NutriNet-Santé-Belgium (Wallonia-Brussels Federation, WBF)

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June 7th 2013 : OPENING OF THE NUTRINET-SANTE STUDY TO THE BELGIANS (Wallonie-Brussels Federation)


Ms Fadila Laanan, Minister of Culture, Audiovisual Industry, Health, and Equality of WBF, in the presence of Pr Serge Hercberg, Principal Investigator of the NutriNet-Santé study, annonced on June 7, 2013, the official launching of NutriNet-Santé-Belgium. The call for volunteers targets 50 000 Belgian registrations on the study website (30 000 enrolled participants) to be added to the cohort of 500 000 European francophone «Nutrinautes».

NutriNet-Santé-Belgium is coordinated by Pr Jean Nève (ULB Brussels) and Pr Véronique Maindiaux (Paul Lambin Institute, Brussels). Mr Philppe Geluck (comedian and cartoonist) is «Godfather» of the study. A special website has been created ( Moreover, the study instruments have been adapted to the Belgian context, especially as regards the dietary questionnaires, with the addition of numerous specific foods/dishes (stoemp, Liège-style meatballs, «rabbit» sauce, pistolet bread, paling in 't groen, etc.) and the modification of some terminology.

Read the press release (in French) of the Belgian launching.




The  NutriNet-Santé study seen by Philippe Geluck :




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