Feasability study and the pre-test

Submitted by flanzy on Wed, 04/17/2019 - 07:32

Despite all the experience acquired by the research team in charge of the NutriNet-Santé study, the cohort raises several questions concerning the use of internet as a major tool in collecting data of diverse nature.

However and in order to demonstrate the efficiency and the quality of tools, as well as to refine those of the study, in parallel with the full scale start of NutriNet-Santé study, it seems suitable to:


  • Be able to answer a preliminary question for which pre-tests seems necessary: what is the quality of data collected in each questionnaire developed at the website in relation to the standard or traditional methods used in the classical studies of nutritional epidemiology?        
  • Be able to evaluate the feasibility of the system implemented to be used by the participants of the NutriNet-Santé study in the complete protocol.


The results of such pre-tests and of pilot feasibility studies are shown in a report that can be downloaded at the study site.