Preservation of blood and urine samples

All the blood and urine tubes are anonymously identified with bar-coded labels.

The different tubes collected allow to obtain, after centrifugal process, blood plasma, serum, buffy-coat (allowing to extract DNA) and red cells. Those tubes are sent every day to the Central Laboratory of Nutrinet-Santé where they are divided in a sufficient aliquot number for the various analyses which can be considered in the future. The tubes which contain the different aliquots will be stocked up at low temperature (- 80°C) at the Central BioBank of NutriNet-Santé.

The construction of the equipped specific laboratory and of the place dedicated to the storage of the samples at - 80°C was made possible through the financial support of Paris 13 University, IRESP (Public Health Research Institute), INSERM (National Institute for Health and Medical Research), FRM (Medical Research Foundation), ARC and the Ile de France region (via the CODDIM).


Download the protocol of the Biobank