Objectives and principle of the clinical and biological check-up

After several month of preparation and a pilot phase, the Nutrinautes who wish it are invited to go to a consultation in a Local Center of the NutriNet-Santé study. The consultation is organized by our research team and includes a clinical and biological checkup. Overtime, a hundred consultation centers will open all around France. The main objective of this optional consultation is to be able to supplement the data obtained in the Internet questionnaires by a collection of biological samples and clinical data. Those information will represent exceptional supplementary resources which will enable the researchers to know better the mechanism explaining the role of nutritionals factors in the diseases occurrence.

For the clinical and biological consultation, the appointment can be scheduled directly on the website in the dedicated space in the complementary personal file which enables each Nutrinaute to choose the time and place of his appointment. All in all, the consultation lasts approximately 30 to 40 minutes and includes a blood sample collection (43 ml (1.45oz) of blood) and a urine sample coupled with a clinical examination (blood pressure, anthropometric measures,evaluation of the muscular strength). A part of the blood sample collected will allow to make a standard checkup (blood sugar level, cholesterol level, triglycerides…) and the results will be transmitted to the Nutrinaute within the weeks following the swab. The rest of the blood and urine samples will be anonymized and stocked in the “NutriNet-Santé Biobank” in freezers (at - 80°C / - 112°F). In the future, those samples will be the subject of new examination in order to understand the nutrition-health relations better or find new biological parameters which can predict and maybe help to prevent the occurrence of major diseases (cancers, cardiovascular and neurovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, obesity…). The clinical examination will also allow to obtain data directly useful to the researchers and the results will be immediately passed to the Nutrinaute (detection of high blood pressure,anthropometric data…).


Download the protocol of the Biobank